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About The Retail Academy:

The Retail Academy takes a pragmatic approach to training, ensuring that participants leave with a clear, ready-to-use action plan at the end of the course.
We provide one-day courses on the theory and practice of doing business, starting with data analysis.
The Retail Academy is the training and learning division of Gondola.

We believe in strong action plans based on data&insights provided by our partners. The Retail Academy is the exclusive training partner for Nielsen. However, the Retail Academy remains completely impartial, and is not a promotion platform for retailers, manufacturers or data suppliers.

The aim of the Retail Academy is to accommodate and facilitate the training needs of the Consumer Goods business. We are more than happy to listen to your training needs.

Calendar of Retail Academy trainings :

Promotion Analysis Training:
18 February 2014

(New) Product Launch Analysis Training:
27 February 2014

Price Analysis Training:
20 March 2014

Shopper Marketing Training:
15 May 2014